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Silver Price Live


Silver (USD/OZ)

Silver chart by TradingView



49% of moneycontrol users recommend selling Silver. What's your call on Silver today? Read 97087 investor views

Spot Silver Rates

Commodity Price Calculator

Symbol Price Unit
SILVER (Mar 30) Rs 36,651.00 1 KGS
SILVER1000 (Mar 30) Rs 36,274.00 1 KGS
SILVERMIC (Mar 30) Rs 36,651.00 1 KGS
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Latest Silver News

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All Silver Contracts

Name Price Chg.%
SILVER (3 May) Rs 75140.00 -0.2
SILVERM (30 Apr) Rs 75100.00 -0.17
SILVERMIC (28 Mar) Rs 74801.00 -0.28

Silver Weight Conversion Table

To convert from To Multiply by
1 Moz Metric tons 31.103
1 Ton Troy ounces 32,511
1 Ton Grams 1,000,000
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