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Rising Bharat Summit 2024: Amit Shah on electoral bonds, CAA, UCC and 'Modi 3.0'

The Union home minister was speaking at the 'News18 Rising Bharat Summit’ in New Delhi.

March 20, 2024 / 01:28 PM IST
Amit Shah speaking at the Rising India Summit

Amit Shah speaking at the Rising India Summit

Union home minister Amit Shah said that the last 10 years of Narendra Modi-led government will be inscribed in "golden letters" and asserted that India will definitely become the third largest economy in the world under Modi 3.0.

The Union home minister, who was speaking at the 'News18 Rising Bharat Summit’ in New Delhi, underscored the various decisions taken by the Modi government over the last 10 years - from revoking Article 370 to abolishing triple talaq.

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"In these 10 years, we have pulled 60 crore people out of poverty, they have been given bank accounts, toilets, electricity, gas, tap water ... under PM Modi's leadership, these  people have been made a part of the republic, something that was never achieved since Independence," Shah said.

He said that due to the work done by the Modi government, the people of the country now feel proud of their indentity and Indianness. Shah said that not just Indians, but the entire world now accepts that the next 25 years belongs to India.

He also took repeated jabs at the opposition parties during the session, saying they don't have a track record or agenda, neither "neeti or neta".

Shah also reiterated PM Modi's target for BJP and NDA in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, saying that the saffron party will win 370 seats and the alliance will go "400 paar".

Here are the other highlights from the home minister's session:

On electoral bonds

Shah said that he respects the Supreme Court's decision to strike down electoral bonds but added that it may push black money back into politics.

"Earlier, donations were made in cash. However, with bonds every amount was credited in bank accounts and there was accountability. In 2014, 81 per cent of our donations were in cash. Later, we attempted to make donations transparent. This is why the INDI alliance led by Rahul Gandhi had opposed electoral bonds," Shah said.

He said that after the ruling, the old practice of "cut money" may return in election funding.

Hitting back at Rahul Gandhi's charges on electoral bonds, Shah said that Congress should also give account of nearly Rs 1,600 crore it received as donations.

"INDI alliance won’t be able to show face when their list of donors are revealed," he added.


Speaking about the Citizenship Amendment Act, which was recently notified by his ministry, Shah said that a lot of misinformation is being spread about the law.

He reitered that CAA is a law to grant citizenship and not to take that right away from anybody.

He further explained that minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are not able to reap several benefits since they didn't have citizenship yet. He added that those covered under CAA are not intruders but persecuted individuals, adding that Indian Muslims have nothing to fear.

BJP's UCC aim

He also spoke about the Uniform Civil Code, which has already been impemented in Uttarakhand, saying that it has been his party's aim for a long time. "There should be one law for everyone in India," he added.

UCC calls for the formulation of a unified law, which would be applicable to all religious communities.

"Irrespective of religion, everyone should live under one civil law. This has no impact on religious freedom," Shah said.

On allegations of 'misuse' of ED, CBI

Responding to opposition charges on the alleged misuse of investigative agencies against their leaders, Shah said that whoever indulges in corruption will have to face probe and even jail.

He said that parties like Congress and TMC should first answer where the money recovered during raids on their leaders came from, adding that INDI alliance is involved in "corruption worth Rs 12 lakh crore".

Caste census demand

Hitting back at Congress over its caste census demand, Shah said that Rahul Gandhi has no right to raise questions on the issue.

He mocked the grand old party for trying to champion the cause of OBCs and recalled that Congress governments sat over the recommendations of commissions under Kaka Kalelkar and B P Mandal in the past.

Shah further said that Modi has 27 OBCs in his cabinet and the Prime Minister is himself an OBC.

Shah also lashed out at the demands for a separate nation for South India by a Congress leader, saying that rest assured, BJP will not allow another division to take place in India.

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On alliances and poll prospects

Talking about the speculations of a BJP-BJD alliance in Odisha, Shah said that no final decision has been taken yet.

He added that BJP will certainly strengthen its prospects in the state.

"Alliances are created based on need. Many political parties have supported us on issues that further national interest in the Parliament," he said.

He also rejected claims that BJP was involved in the break-up of Shiv Sena and NCP in Maharashtra. "Shiv Sena broke up because Eknath Shinde was not given due respect. Similarly, Ajit Pawar was not given respect by NCP. BJP should not be blamed for that," he said.

He also said that BJP will be the senior party in both Maharashtra and Bihar. He added that NDA will win over 41 of Maharashtra's 48 seats in the coming elections.

For Punjab, Shah said that negotiations are under way with Akali Dal in Punjab and things will be clear in 2 to 3 days.

Shah also asserted that BJP will win a record mandate in Uttar Pradesh this year, exceeding its performance of 2014 when it won 71 out of 80 seats.

Dig at Mamata

The home minister trained his guns on Mamata Banerjee during the session, saying that she has been exposed in front of the people of West Bengal after the Sandeshkhali incident

"We want the women of Bengal to show the power of 'shakti' to Mamata Banerjee," Shah said.

The home minister also asserted that BJP will win more than 25 seats in West Bengal and emerge as the single largest party in the state. In 2019, BJP won 18 out of the 42 seats in the state while Mamata Banerjee-led TMC won 22.

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