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About Gold

One of the most precious and expensive metals, gold is considered very significant in India and is also one of the prime investment options at the present time. Not just in the form of jewellery. but gold is also valued in forms of art and coins. Despite a continuous hike in gold prices, people in India continue to invest in gold on a regular basis. Gold prices in India keep changing due to multiple factors including global market condition and the strength of the US dollar, thus leaving varying impact from city to city depending on demand and supply in local markets. If you are also planning to invest in gold, consider taking a look at the following details.

Before knowing gold rates in India, it is important to know the difference between 24-carat and 22-carat gold. While 24-carat gold is a 100 percent pure form of gold with no trace of any other metal, 22-carat gold has traces of alloyed metals like silver or copper and has 91.67 percent pure gold.

22 Carat Gold Rate (Yesterday & Mar 18, 2024)

GramYesterdayMar 18, 2024Price Change
1 Gram₹ 6,168₹ 6,123₹ 45
10 Gram₹ 61,680₹ 61,230₹ 450
100 Gram₹ 616,800₹ 612,300₹ 4,500

24 Carat Gold Rate (Yesterday & Mar 18, 2024)

GramYesterdayMar 18, 2024Price Change
1 Gram₹ 6,476₹ 6,429₹ 47
10 Gram₹ 64,760₹ 64,290₹ 470
100 Gram₹ 647,600₹ 642,900₹ 4,700


There are several factors that affect gold rates in India including fluctuations in the global market to the strength of the USD, import costs, interest rates on banks' fixed deposits, economic stability, seasonal prices, inflation and demand-supply, among others. While high inflation rates increase the demand for gold and vice versa, its price also shoots up as with an increase in demand. Apart from a few global conditions, the international spot price of gold also affects the metal value of gold in India. Just like any other product, demand and supply also affect gold prices. With a rise in demand and supply for gold, its prices have also increased.

As on Mar 19, 2024

City NameStandard Gold Rate (22 K)
Change from the previous day
Pure Gold Rate (24 K)
Change from the previous day
1 Gram8 Grams1 Gram8 Grams
Agra₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Ahmedabad₹ 6,184₹ 49,472₹ 6,493₹ 51,944
Andhra pradesh₹ 6,135₹ 49,080₹ 6,442₹ 51,536
Assam₹ 6,240₹ 49,920₹ 6,552₹ 52,416
Bangalore₹ 6,190₹ 49,520₹ 6,500₹ 52,000
Bhilai₹ 6,168₹ 49,344₹ 6,476₹ 51,808
Bhopal₹ 6,168₹ 49,344₹ 6,476₹ 51,808
Bhubaneswar₹ 6,240₹ 49,920₹ 6,552₹ 52,416
Bihar₹ 6,240₹ 49,920₹ 6,552₹ 52,416
Chandigarh₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Chennai₹ 6,135₹ 49,080₹ 6,442₹ 51,536
Chhattisgarh₹ 6,168₹ 49,344₹ 6,476₹ 51,808
Coimbatore₹ 6,135₹ 49,080₹ 6,442₹ 51,536
Dehradun₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Delhi₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Faridabad₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Ghaziabad₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Goa₹ 6,190₹ 49,520₹ 6,500₹ 52,000
Gujarat₹ 6,184₹ 49,472₹ 6,493₹ 51,944
Guntur₹ 6,135₹ 49,080₹ 6,442₹ 51,536
Gurgaon₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Guwahati₹ 6,240₹ 49,920₹ 6,552₹ 52,416
Haryana₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Himachal pradesh₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Hyderabad₹ 6,135₹ 49,080₹ 6,442₹ 51,536
Indore₹ 6,168₹ 49,344₹ 6,476₹ 51,808
Jabalpur₹ 6,168₹ 49,344₹ 6,476₹ 51,808
Jaipur₹ 6,184₹ 49,472₹ 6,493₹ 51,944
Jammu and kashmir₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Jharkhand₹ 6,240₹ 49,920₹ 6,552₹ 52,416
Jodhpur₹ 6,184₹ 49,472₹ 6,493₹ 51,944
Kanpur₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Karnataka₹ 6,190₹ 49,520₹ 6,500₹ 52,000
Kerala₹ 6,080₹ 48,640₹ 6,384₹ 51,072
Kolkata₹ 6,240₹ 49,920₹ 6,552₹ 52,416
Kota₹ 6,184₹ 49,472₹ 6,493₹ 51,944
Kozhikode₹ 6,080₹ 48,640₹ 6,384₹ 51,072
Lucknow₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Ludhiana₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Madhya pradesh₹ 6,168₹ 49,344₹ 6,476₹ 51,808
Madurai₹ 6,135₹ 49,080₹ 6,442₹ 51,536
Maharashtra₹ 6,168₹ 49,344₹ 6,476₹ 51,808
Mumbai₹ 6,168₹ 49,344₹ 6,476₹ 51,808
Mysore₹ 6,190₹ 49,520₹ 6,500₹ 52,000
Nagpur₹ 6,168₹ 49,344₹ 6,476₹ 51,808
Noida₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Odisha₹ 6,240₹ 49,920₹ 6,552₹ 52,416
Panaji₹ 6,190₹ 49,520₹ 6,500₹ 52,000
Patna₹ 6,240₹ 49,920₹ 6,552₹ 52,416
Pune₹ 6,168₹ 49,344₹ 6,476₹ 51,808
Punjab₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Raipur₹ 6,168₹ 49,344₹ 6,476₹ 51,808
Rajasthan₹ 6,184₹ 49,472₹ 6,493₹ 51,944
Ranchi₹ 6,240₹ 49,920₹ 6,552₹ 52,416
Shimla₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Surat₹ 6,184₹ 49,472₹ 6,493₹ 51,944
Tamil nadu₹ 6,135₹ 49,080₹ 6,442₹ 51,536
Telangana₹ 6,135₹ 49,080₹ 6,442₹ 51,536
Thrissur₹ 6,080₹ 48,640₹ 6,384₹ 51,072
Udaipur₹ 6,184₹ 49,472₹ 6,493₹ 51,944
Uttar pradesh₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Uttarakhand₹ 6,180₹ 49,440₹ 6,489₹ 51,912
Vadodara₹ 6,184₹ 49,472₹ 6,493₹ 51,944
Vijayawada₹ 6,135₹ 49,080₹ 6,442₹ 51,536
Visakhapatnam₹ 6,135₹ 49,080₹ 6,442₹ 51,536
Warangal₹ 6,135₹ 49,080₹ 6,442₹ 51,536
West bengal₹ 6,240₹ 49,920₹ 6,552₹ 52,416
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Even as buying gold has turned out to be a secure form of investment in India, more and more people are engaging themselves in buying gold. With gold rates skyrocketing in recent times, it is important to take note of a few things before investing in precious metals.

  • Check your current gold rates in your city: As gold rates change on a regular basis, it is important to check the current price in your city before making any purchase.
  • Buying certified gold: To buy the purest form of gold, it is important to check it through the ‘Hallmark’ sign. With gold hallmarking rules changing this year, all gold jewellery will now carry a 6-digit alphanumeric HUID or Hallmark Unique Identification.
  • Check all the additional charges: Apart from the actual price of gold per gram, jewellers also add making charges to it. However, there is a need to check for any other charges levied on your jewellery by calculating the per gram amount that you are paying.


DateStandard Gold Rate (22 K)Pure Gold Rate (24 K)
10 Grams10 Grams
Mar 19, 2024₹ 61,680₹ 64,760
Mar 18, 2024₹ 61,230₹ 64,290
Mar 17, 2024₹ 61,380₹ 64,450
Mar 16, 2024₹ 61,380₹ 64,450
Mar 15, 2024₹ 61,480₹ 64,550
Mar 14, 2024₹ 61,480₹ 64,550
Mar 13, 2024₹ 61,230₹ 64,290
Mar 12, 2024₹ 61,630₹ 64,710
Mar 11, 2024₹ 61,730₹ 64,820
Mar 10, 2024₹ 61,730₹ 64,820



Quantity (gram)


  • As on Mar 19, 2024

    YESTERDAY Silver Rate Per Gram/Kg

  • Silver (1 gram)
    ₹ 80.30
  • Silver (8 gram)
    ₹ 642.40
  • Silver (10 gram)
    ₹ 803.00
  • Silver (100 gram)
    ₹ 8,030
  • Silver (1 Kg)
    ₹ 80,300
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Gold Rate In India FAQs

Who decides the gold rate in India?

Determined by a combination of factors including international market behaviour, demand, supply and inflation, among others, gold prices in India are indicated by the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. and the National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX).

Factors that can potentially impact the gold rate?

Factors that potentially affect gold rates in India are fluctuations in the global market, strength of the USD, import costs, interest rates on banks' fixed deposits, economic stability, seasonal prices, inflation and demand-supply.

What is the Purest form of Gold?

24-carat gold is considered to be the purest form with 100 percent gold and no traces of any other metal.

What is the best time to buy Gold?

Auspicious festivals like Dhanteras, Makar Sankranti, Akshaya Tritiya, Dussehra, and Diwali are considered the best time to buy gold in India. It is primarily because jewellers offer a range of discounts on making charges.

How to check the purity of gold?

The purity of gold can be determined by checking the 'Hallmark' sign on the jewellery. Hallmarked jewellery certifies the claimed purity of gold and further engraves the purity level along with the name of the retailer to ensure that customers are not duped.

What is gold Hallmarking?

In a bid to bring transparency into jewellery shopping, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been designated to implement hallmarking of gold jewellery to ensure that customers buy the purest form of gold. Through this process, the proportionate content of precious metals is determined and recorded through specific marks such as the BIS logo, the purity of the metal and a unique HUID number.

Is gold hallmarking mandatory?

To ensure that customers are not duped and sold off with an impure form of gold that has a mix of other alloyed metals, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has been designated to implement hallmarking of gold jewellery.

How is tax calculated on gold? Types of Gold Tax

Beginning with the custom tax that the government imposes for importing gold into the country, it is followed by other taxes levied by sellers including the GST, making charges, and TDS.

How do international gold rates affect the gold market in India?

The fluctuation in the international markets largely impacts the price of gold in India. For example, any rise in the US Fed interest rate will result in money flowing into government securities and the banking system from gold reserves. India is one of the largest gold importers and sees a major impact with fluctuations in gold prices on global markets.

Why should you invest in gold?

Being the safest and profitable form of investment in India, investing in gold will not only come as an asset but is also considered superior to currency. It is one of the few assets that is tangible and creates a perception of safety among investors. Both purchasing and selling gold are very easy in India.


Gold Investment

Gold investment in India is popular and can be done through various avenues. These include purchasing gold jewelry, coins, bars, or investing in gold ETFs. Gold jewelry serves a dual purpose of adornment and investment, although factors like making charges should be considered. Gold coins and bars can be obtained from authorized dealers or banks in different weights. Alternatively, investors can opt for gold ETFs, which offer liquidity and convenience. The government also issues Sovereign Gold Bonds periodically, providing an alternative investment option. It's important to track gold prices as they are subject to fluctuations influenced by various factors. Proper storage, such as bank lockers or secure vaults, is essential for physical gold investments. Consulting with a financial advisor is recommended to make informed investment decisions based on individual financial goals and risk tolerance.

Furthermore, the Gold Monetization Scheme introduced by the government allows individuals to deposit their idle gold with banks and earn interest on it. This scheme aims to put the idle gold held by households to productive use. However, it's important to note that gold investments come with risks. While gold has historically been considered a safe haven asset, its value can also fluctuate based on international market trends, currency exchange rates, and economic factors. Therefore, it's prudent to carefully monitor gold prices and assess the market conditions before making any investment decisions. Seeking guidance from a financial advisor or investment professional can provide valuable insights and help align your gold investment strategy with your overall financial goals.


Moneycontrol makes no guarantee or warranty on the accuracy of the data provided on this site, the prevailing rates are susceptible to change with Market value and provided on an as-is basis. These rates are indicative only, and not a solicitation to buy, sell in precious gold. For exact rates contact your local jeweller. Nothing contained herein is intended or shall be deemed to be investment advice, implied or otherwise. We accept no liability for any loss arising from the use of the data contained on this website.

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