Why Pitchcraft?

With this series, our goal is to democratise the art of creating the perfect pitch deck for early- stage founders and future builders. In PitchCraft, founders of some of India's most well- known and successful startups reveal the key elements and insights that helped them secure funding at the beginning of their zero to one journey. We also bring in the investor view, as seasoned venture capital investors shed light on which aspects of the pitch deck most impressed them.

What's in it for you?

Actionable insights from both the Founder and Investor

This is the first of its kind series where both the founders and investors deep dive into what goes behind creating a compelling pitch deck. How does a founder convince an investor that she has a right to win in a particular space?

Access to original pitch decks

For the first time ever, we will make the pitch decks which helped Freshworks, Spinny, Zetwerk, Acko etc. secure early-stage funding available for download on SeedToScale.


About Us


SeedToScale is an open-source content and community platform curated by Accel which aims to make a founder's path to success as frictionless as possible. At our core, we believe that real knowledge and experience come from those who are actively building companies. Our objective is to create a content hub for practical, actionable content from successful founders, engineers, growth experts, and other industry leaders.