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Scheme 3 Y
Invesco India Infra. -Direct (G)
Invesco India Infrastructure (G)
Bank of India Manufacturing & Infrastructure Fund - D (G)
Bank of India Manufacturing & Infrastructure Fund (G)
JM Flexi Cap Fund - DP - (G)
Index Price Change %Chg
NIFTY 50 21842.25 24.80 0.11
SENSEX 72092.42 80.37 0.11
NIFTY BANK 46247.65 -137.15 -0.30
NIFTY IT 35785.85 -28.80 -0.08
BSE SMALLCAP 41524.03 -21.74 -0.05
BSE MIDCAP 37739.28 -3.99 -0.01
NIFTY AUTO 20428.30 74.20 0.36
BSE CAP GOODS 56509.96 155.91 0.28

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    MF stress test: Check whether your smallcap fund has these illiquid stocks

    SEBI asks fund houses to ignore the least 20% illiquid stocks while assessing liquidity. The idea is to let microcaps- the tiniest of the smallcaps- to grow unfettered as they could turn into tomorrow’s multibaggers. In the first such attempt, Moneycontrol identifies these 20% stocks.

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    March mayhem in equity markets: Where to invest your money today

    While the recent performance of midcap and small-cap funds may have raised concerns among mutual fund investors, it is essential to approach investing with a long-term perspective.

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    Investing in an ESG fund? Look for greenwashing risks in its disclosures

    SEBI has made changes in disclosure requirements for ESG funds. There have been many instances of confusing, ambiguous, and incomplete disclosures related to green fund names, their goals, screening criteria, and impact claims