Benefits of oil pulling: Is it better than brushing, flossing?

Benefits of oil pulling

Can it prevent plaque, bacteria? Is it better than brushing?

Moneycontrol News | March 20, 2024 | Images: Canva

Oil pulling involves swishing a teaspoon of oil in the mouth for about 20 minutes daily, then spitting it out. Traditionally done with sesame oil, many now prefer coconut oil

Oil pulling is not a replacement for brushing and flossing, but may have some benefits according to research

Oral Hygiene: A 2017 study suggested it could be a preventive home therapy for maintaining oral hygiene, particularly beneficial in areas with no access to mouthwash

Plaque and cacteria: Some evidence suggests that oil pulling, especially with coconut oil, might inhibit plaque formation. Another study found it comparable to mouthwash

Oil pulling cannot substitute regular brushing and flossing. Claims that oil pulling cures various ailments like hangovers, diabetes, or acne lack scientific support

Oil pulling should complement, not replace, good dental hygiene practices. This includes brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing one to two times daily

While it may have benefits for oral hygiene, there is no scientific evidence to support claims that oil pulling can whiten teeth,  clear sinuses, or cure diabetes

If considering oil pulling, swish about one teaspoon of coconut or sesame oil in the mouth for 20 minutes, similar to using a mouthwash. Do not swallow the oil. Spit it out after 20 minutes. Rinse the mouth with water

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